Site Activity  Deep Dynamic Compaction and Installation of Water and Sanitary Lines

This is an update on construction work at Skyland Town Center. Site work is underway to prepare the site for the future construction of buildings.

We are currently in the process of Deep Dynamic Compaction. Deep Dynamic Compaction is a ground development technique used to strengthen soil by dropping a heavy weight repeatedly on the ground at regularly spaced intervals. The purpose of the compaction is to ensure a firm foundation for the center. This process will start at Alabama Avenue and continue toward Naylor Road, the phases are illustrated in the attached site map.

  • Deep Dynamic Compaction Phase 1 commenced 9/21/15 and will continue through 10/15/15
  • Deep Dynamic Compaction Phase 2 will commence 10/16/15 and will continue through 11/2/15

New water and sanitary lines will be installed within Alabama, Good Hope and Naylor Roads.

  • Work is expected to commence 10/2/15 and will continue through January 2016.
  • Some of the utility work will be in public space and will affect traffic. Updated phasing and traffic control plans will be posted shortly.